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Cool Game Yo!

Had a unique blast playing this one frustratingly good. Overall a fun experience thank you for making this :) 

I can wholeheartedly say that I have learned two things from this game: 

1.) I am not good at multitasking under pressure, and 

2.) I do not ever wish to receive another hug from Miss Eyesore!!

I found it really intense and hard to survive, so this game accomplished it's purpose so I recommend this to your friends and family. Although to be picky, the animations could of been a bit or intimidating.

Really liked this one, the constant pressure of not only fixing a generator but also getting back to to the main room was really tense. It was the third game I played in this 3 random horror games video.

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from germany

Gave it a go...


I really liked this! keep up the good work!

The game is cool and creepy yet challenging! Great game, my strategy was horrific hahaha!


hi, big thx for this great scary game. greetings from germany


Effective atmosphere.



i had no clue how to hide from miss eyesore but it was still pretty fun to play! :D


Really appreciate your hard work brother....Very challenging game sadly i didn't survived :(    Thanks a lot


Thank you soooo much for including a jump scare warning at the beginning of the game!!!! Great job!!!


I had fun playing the game. I could't figure out how to win, but that doesn't mean I won't try again!


Markiplier played your game! 


Played this last week before the newest update. Solid game concept, I love the mad dash aspect of it. Could use more stuff to make it more immersive. Like story notes and different problems. This can definitely be a solid horror game with more content since this is a great starting point for a horror character. Feels a bit like SCP in a way.

Here's my spin on it if you want to see:


this was actually so scary :D loved it!


For a quick game that was put together quickly the game wasn't bad. Only thing I'd say to change is make it so the monster doesn't INSTA SPAWN, it feels a bit cheap and ruins the experience if you make a single mistake but other than that really fun game and everyone should give it a try! It's totally beatable! 


The monster will not teleport around but will instead navigate in the next version.


this was great!! very very difficult but loved the whole concept of the game!! when you see that a room is super dark, the chills really kick in when you just know she is in there waiting for you XD great job on creating this game! :D

This game was really terrifying!  The graphics atmosphere and objective I though was really cool! 

Great game!! It's really hard but its still fun. I wish I could beat it but I don't think I have the skill. Great job I look forward to more from you guys!!

1.Una demo muy recomendada si quieres unos sustos rápidos!! 


Such an intense game! Really great for being made so quickly. I gave it my all but I just wasnt quick enough :P

Can you make a mac version of this game?

There is now a Mac version. I will keep posting it as a mac version aswell from now on.

Thank you very much!

I had a hard time, I want to say, understanding the whole door closing situation while playing. I was told afterwards that you're only supposed to do it when the generators break, but I think I just missed that early on. You really nailed the atmosphere and sense of tension! Even if I'm not a huge fan if jumpscares in general, you made them work. Really well done for a jam title!

This game was awesome. It was a full experience with a mixture of claustrophobia and anxiety. I felt very rushed to keep the generators running and very anxious to not lock myself in or out of anywhere in the meantime. The enemy model is fantastic and it gave me chills. The atmosphere was amazing. I was definitely on the edge of my seat, literally. The sound engineering and visuals were pretty good, even in the lowest settings. I played the updated version and it was still pretty difficult, which is awesome because I love a challenge. The only reason I played 1.1 is because the graphics are a little to tough on my PC. Lots of frame drops unless I play in lowest settings. The loud jump scare sound, which you said was a bug, I actually REALLY like it. It caught me off guard and scared me Hardcore, which doesn't happen very often. This was an awesome challenge game and very well done for the short period that you had to work on it. Thanks for making this!

Thank you so much! I have updated it again to fix some issues that we have seen. The full patch notes are in the Devlog if you are interested. It is so, sooo surreal to watch people find your game and play it, while actually enjoying it! We plan to make this into a real game, since we also really like the monster design and very much enjoyed making the game. Oh, btw, I added a new "Lowest" settings that really cranks things down, just for you c: - Filip

aw thank you! The video actually didn’t turn out too bad at all when it came to dropping frames. I can barely tell and it would only really hit during jump scares (and even then it’d just drop to like 50)

I’m glad you’re expanding! This is an awesome concept for a game and I can’t wait to see more!

Really scary game. The idea of having to close off areas yourself makes it a very tense situation. Great stuff.


The monster got me

That was difficult haha.